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The Best Way to Handle Being Very Upset

The Good News/Bad News About Strong Feelings

I am a very emotional person, as anyone who knows me well can confirm.  My brother, who is an astrologer, tells me that is because my moon, the sign that rules emotions, is in Cancer with no other aspects and in a primary position.

All I know is the good news and bad news is that I feel things very deeply, strongly, and unshakably.  This connects to a very full, “up and running” intuition, which is a core part of my Centering Tools practice, that also makes for a lot of emotional “roller-coastering” in daily life.

How Stress Compromises Feelings

Right now I have a lot going on in my life – a lot that is exciting, challenging, and intense – so not surprisingly, I “surge” with multidimensional, full-ranging emotions.  This is of course a lot of what I support and help clients “track” and fully resolve with greater understanding, healing and personal growth in my work.

Here are the guidelines that work best for me, and that clients consistently tell me help them significantly and successfully work through emotional upset:

My Top Ten Tips to Heal and Resolve Great Upsets

1.  Let yourself feel without judgment.

2.  Observe how your feelings shape and express themselves in your body, mind and spirit.

3.   Journal about what you observe as if you were a reporter taking notes.

4.  Draw a picture – diagram about how you feel.

5.  Ask yourself what you’re most afraid of, and imagine your higher self listens with the utmost compassion to your completely honest answers as if you were a lost child.

6.  Close your eyes, settle back into a comfortable position, take 5 deep, easy breaths, and for the next several breaths as you inhale say to yourself, “I receive love”; and as you exhale say to yourself “I release fear”.

7.  Continue your deep, easy breathing, and for your next several breaths, as you inhale say to yourself, “I let myself be”; and as you exhale say to yourself, “I let my upset go”.

8.  Now imagine you can ask your higher self/power to completely handle your upset; and affirm you are also completely willing and open to accept this direction however your “still, small voice” guides you.

9.  Ask yourself what you can learn from this upset as a gift of self-healing and development, and record your insights.

10.Thank your multidimensional Self for courage, honesty, and the freedom to grow.