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Power Intuition Course

Power Intuition Course: How to Develop Your Sixth Sense to Create the Life You Want - by Marjorie Baker Price and Ray Justice


This extensive workbook and 2 CD’s course teaches you to specifically, successfully develop your intuition to support wellness, empowerment, achievement and evolution in every aspect of your life.  This is a wonderful course to partner up and complete with a friend, experience as an extended workshop you can do at your own pace at home, and even use to start your own study group. 

It includes original affirmations, hypnosis and guided imagery exercises, and special journaling techniques to create your dreams and become a whole new you. Chapter topics include overcoming fear and failure, centering, clearing and focusing your mind, and visioning success.

Understanding and committing to yourself allows you to “go the distance” to achieve your dreams, by utilizing your intuition as your own best coach and miracle maker.  Marjorie Baker Price and Ray Justice, the authors who, throughout the course, share their own amazing stories “walking the talk” of self-healing and creation, personally challenge you to discover the power of your own unique intuition to recover your own best self and life.

 $27.97 + S & H