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How to Get Past Your Fears and Forgive . . . Yourself (and from there, others)

Know Your Real Place With These Four Key Words, and You Will Have Completed Your Core Healing and Development Process to Free and Empower Yourself

 I have heard so much about loving, hating, forgiving, fearing in recent weeks.  Note the order of the words loving, hating, fearing, and forgiving

Two sets of opposites, really - and is each set really two halves of the same "coins"?  How we love, hate, fear and forgive pretty much encompasses who we really are and where we really are in our paths of healing and development.

Try This Exercise To Clear Faulty Beliefs and Complete Understanding

I want to offer you an exercise to try that I've developed to centrally and powerfully open up integrated mind-body focus, larger vision, and heighten freer awareness.  Draw four equal columns down a blank sheet of paper and label each with these separate titles - loving, hating, fearing, and forgiving - and fold the paper so you only see one column at a time.

Beginning with the first column titled Loving, write whatever responses seem to come automatically into your head, one thought at a time so you end up with a whole column.  When you've finished, fold the paper so you see the second column, Hating; and do the same thing - as well for the third column, Fearing; and the fourth, Forgiving.

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 Then open your paper and, before every item on it including the column titles, write the phrase, I am or I have (don't worry about whether it is completely correct grammatically - the key is to focus on "the heart of the matter"), so you form little sentences.  Then settle back and read through everything on your paper - first down all four columns in turn, then across each column.

What insights now occur for you?  Take some time to reflect and receive from your "still, small voice", which easily opens through this exercise, and record your impressions.

The Real Truth About Love, Hate, Fear and Forgiveness

 Hate always stems from a root of fear; and forgiveness always comes from a root of loving.  Love occurs when we heal and develop to a place of transcendence beyond the implanted fear of incompletely processed trauma - and forgiveness truly reflects coming to wherever your real place of completion and final understanding is in this central healing process.

This is the way to recover faith, hope, and our authentic ability to choose through higher awareness - not to mention "clean our slates" to sail forth into this intense, amazing, challenging and very different new year!

Namaste, Marjorie