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How to Get Past Your Fears and Forgive . . . Yourself (and from there, others)

Experience Six Steps to Success and Higher Healing

These Are The Six Core Empowerment  Steps for Clarity and Creation

 I co-facilitated a workshop intensive last Saturday in a small, nurturing group that focused on key practices for mind-body-spirit healing and spiritual development to create wellbeing and success in this challenging and powerful year.  I wanted to share with you the six core empowerment steps I've created that form a circle of completion and progressively expanding higher awareness as checkpoints to begin, end; and begin again and again at higher levels of awareness and choicemaking.

Try These Six Progressive Steps to Completion and Higher Development

The first step is to Observe . . . who, what, where, when, why and how is this happening?

The second step is to first Admit and then Acknowledge and Accept without condition what is true and real.

The third step is to Release whatever doesn't serve true purpose or belong here now.

The fourth step is Alignment to your whole emerging self, reality, and relationship through a foundation of free choice.

The fifth step is to Vision what you really want without limits.

The sixth step is to Offer with love and creative passion as a gift to your world, and let it go, fulfilled.

Create Harmony and Wholeness in Your Life This Year

I recommend you experiment with these six steps - interesting to note in numerology six is understood to be the vibrational frequency of personal balance, healing and harmony - by taking any focus, goal or concern you presently have through them in the order above - and see what happens to change your life for the better!  As always, I love to hear your results, comments and questions at the end of this article, and to further explore with you however you want any time.

All the best, as you so richly deserve - Marjorie