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Admit What Do You Hate Most in Life– and Learn How To Fix It!

We Really Can Get to the Bottom of What We Hate Most in Life – and From There, Be Able to Fix It

We’re taught that its best for us to become evolved, nice people; and the only way to achieve that most desirable goal is to eliminate hatred.  While I couldn’t agree more with this – for there are very serious implications here about risk, violence and far-reaching destruction – it continues to be clearer and clearer to me that any “order” that tells us we’re not supposed to feel what we feel, sets us up to deny essential parts of our whole selves – and therefore condemns us to become victims.

It occurred to me the other day that clients come to see me to get to the bottom of what they hate most in life, and figure out how to truly fix it.  This thankfully is completely possible; and as it truly occurs, an opening is then created for profound self-healing, empowerment, development and greater wholeness – all of which create and support greater heightened awareness, freedom to choose, and personal power.

Try This Guided Meditation and Journaling Exercise for Self-Healing and Breakthrough Insights

Who would have thought that getting to the bottom and being able to honestly admit what we hate most – and really finding our way to truly fixing it – would bring us right smack into becoming evolved, nice people?  Amazingly enough, I’ve discovered in the scope of my work, that’s exactly what happens.

On that note, I offer you the following guided meditation and journaling exercise to necessarily “hit bottom” – and see what happens:

Here Are the Steps to Completion and Wholeness:

1.  Settle back into a comfortable position, close your eyes, and take several deep, easy, regular cleansing breaths.  As your breathing becomes more and more automatic, say to yourself as you inhale the phrase, “let be”; and as you exhale the phrase, “let go”.  Imagine your endlessly flowing breath moving all around and through you now, nurturing, clearing, vitalizing, balancing each and every body part in turn; and extending everywhere throughout your mind, letting be . . . letting go . . .

2.  In this deeper reflective state in which you now find yourself, imagine how easily you can ask yourself the following question:

What do I love?

. . . experiencing whatever happens inside you in response . . . and when you feel complete with that exploration, record these answers.  Then close your eyes once more and return to that deeper reflective state, and ask yourself the following question:

What do I hate?

. . .  experiencing, as before, whatever happens inside you in response . . . and when you feel complete with that exploration, record these answers just as you did with the first question.

3.  Now open your eyes and review the second list.  Now substitute the phrase, I forgive before every item on that list – and when you’ve finished, take several deep, cleansing breaths and read out loud exactly what you’ve written.

4.  Record what happened.  Consider how do you feel?  Record your sensations.

5.  Finally, take this list and write it on a separate page, listing each item as its exact opposite, with the beginning phrase for each item I love.

6.  Now read through your new list.  What happens?  Record your impressions.

Now Return to Being More Greatly Present

Where are you now?  How free and empowered do you feel to move forward in your life?

Happy New Year – and all success – Love and light, Marjorie