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January 2013

Experience Six Steps to Success and Higher Healing

Create Harmony and Wholeness in Your Life This Year: I recommend you experiment with these six steps - interesting to note in numerology six is understood to be the vibrational frequency of personal balance, healing and harmony - by taking any focus, goal or concern you presently have through them in the order above - and see what happens to change your life for the better! Read more →

Join In at My First Upcoming Teleconference of 2013 on Feb 13 to Achieve the Impossible This Year

Please join me at 9 pm EST Wednesday evening, February 13 to set a truly loving space for yourself and be your own great valentine to create happiness and wellbeing from a new place of personal power and enlightened awareness. Here are the details: Read more →

For One Hour on Feb 6 - Learn to Meditate in Ten Minutes in Rochester, NY

Learn to meditate in 10 minutes in this dynamic one hour class offered through Brighton Continuing Education at Brighton High School, Room 158, 1150 Winton Rd S., Rochester, NY 14618. You will quickly and profoundly relax, de-stress, heighten awareness, unleash creative potential, receive your intuitive impressions, and recharge your energy! Read more →

Admit What Do You Hate Most in Life– and Learn How To Fix It!

We’re taught that its best for us to become evolved, nice people; and the only way to achieve that most desirable goal is to eliminate hatred. While I couldn’t agree more with this – for there are very serious implications here about risk, violence and far-reaching destruction – it continues to be clearer and clearer to me that any “order” that tells us we’re not supposed to feel what we feel, sets us up to deny essential parts of our whole selves – and therefore condemns us to become victims. Read more →

Learn to Best Nurture Yourself in This New Year for Wellness and Success

“I Can Do This!” An all-day empowerment retreat in Rochester, NY Sat Jan 26 10-3: How to Nurture, Strengthen and Inspire Yourself to Best Cope, Stay Afloat and Create Your Dreams in this transformational and challenging new year Read more →