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Ten Tips To Transform in 12-12

Are We Ending and Beginning Right Now?

These are troubling times.  I think of our Judeo-Christian myths and their holiday stories of intensely troubling, hopeless times and surprising, hidden miracles that transformed worlds, as I reflect on all the announcements and pronouncements about this month in this year 2012 as heralding the end of an age.

There is much anger and terror in our world.  As we move toward the Winter Solstice December 21, and all that’s been so recently publicized about that being the day of an unusual planetary alignment and literally the end of an age – even the world – we are quite challenged to “stay afloat” while recognizing real opportunities to not only survive, but transform, with whatever is ending and birthing anew.

Ten Tools to Transform Yourself and Your Life Now

Here are my top ten tips to transform and align with whatever is really happening, through my intense inner and outer present life circumstances, and the extended work I’m doing with clients these days:

1.  Stay sharp by balancing basic “taking care of yourself” time to stay nourished, rested and fit – remember, a little goes a long way – but doing nothing depletes beyond present function and puts you at risk.

2.  Honor your feelings and “still, small voice” – they really do always partner with each other beyond judgment, so find where your unconditional inner listening space is and stay tuned – remember, taking notes, however brief, on how you feel emotionally and how you feel intuitively (beyond emotion) greatly extends the power of your insight and capacity to stay clear and connected to your Greater Self.

3.  Stay energetically grounded even if you live in a cold climate by getting outdoors at least an average of a half hour a day – an hour if at all possible – ideally in nature.

4. Find out what boosts you up and what tears you down – take some time and consideration to track this – and eliminate as much as possible the “downers” to extend the “uppers” – this supports and maintains maximum light in your life.

5.  Stay clean – I’m being literal as well as metaphorical here (if you’re not sure what “soils” you versus “cleanses you” in exploring the metaphors, find out – and as needed, get help with this – it’s so worth it, and so are you!).

6.  Stay connected to whatever turns you on spiritually – and try experimenting, particularly with creating your own unique spiritual practice – beyond conditioning, fear, or judgment.

7.  Understand how you love, and determine how much you need and can access sources of love in your life – please think “outside the box” of your conditioning, fear, and insecurity – and then try in many ways experimenting in creating and sustaining these connections (again, you are so worth it!).

8.   Make a list of what you wish for and then translate it as best you can into themes (i.e. if you write “I wish to win the lottery”, the themes could be wishing for abundance, prosperity, luck, being provided for); and name one or more ways you can create this today: These will be powerful tools, challenges and gifts of transformation.

9.  Know how much you can trust yourself as your foundation to stay centered – go as deep as you can into yourself to determine this without judgment; and ask your sense of higher guidance to equally “speak” to you about trust and how to recover and protect it. 

10. Go back to your list in #8 and give an example of every item on it, referring to your themes, to whoever you are moved to “gift” in this season – this profoundly supports trusting your power to “give and take”; and participate in energetic balance, interdependence and sharing – what I see as the real message of 12-12 to clear, create and uplift us all.

Namaste, Marjorie