Care for Yourself, Support Your Roch, NY Community This Holiday Season
What About 2012 and Your Power to Transform Through This New Energy?

What Is The Real Self-Healing And Empowerment Opportunity of Thanksgiving?

In Shamanic Healing It’s “Giveaway”

It hit me like a ton of bricks just now on the heels of my recent musings over the past couple of weeks about the meaning of the turkey totem – ancient spiritual symbol for healing power.  Jamie Sams, Native American author of the long-popular Medicine Cards, says the key word of the turkey totem is “Giveaway” to support the greater community good. 

Within self-healing and empowerment guidelines for me this means surrendering to fully and unconditionally giving away whatever behaviors, faulty belief systems, and core fears don’t support or even allow you to experience your greater “community good” within all the elements that come together – your “inner community” – to create who and what you are, what you’ve been, and what you’re becoming.  Today’s “hot insight” shook that all down to accepting the spiritual challenge to simply and wholly love yourself.

Love is the Holistic Focus of all Self-Healing

Louise Hay says that is the singular focus of all self-healing in her holistic self-help standard, You Can Heal Your Life.  I see the real challenge to being wholeheartedly, mentally, physically and spiritually able to love ourselves as being able to correctly define this term, Love.

On that note, I invite you to write that word down on a blank sheet of paper as the title to focus on for a few moments.  Settle back for a few minutes and simply record, one word or phrase to a line, whatever comes up inside of you in response to this word, “Love”. 

You Can Receive the Greater Meaning of Love

When you’ve finished, go back to the title, “Love”, and write the phrase “I am” or “I have” before every item on your list, forming little sentences (for example, the title would read “I am love”  or “I have love”).  Then read through your list and record any insights that occur. 

Finally, in a comfortable, relaxed, supported position, close your eyes, allow your breath to quite easily and naturally deepen, and imagine your endlessly flowing breath becomes its root meaning, spirit – Your Spirit. . . and ask your endlessly flowing, free Spirit to bring you to where love is; and show you the meaning of the word – and experience all that occurs for and with you in this unfolding inner meditative journey. 

In Receiving, Share to Complete the Divine Circle

When you feel complete in this experience for now, imagine and experience how your breath quite easily and naturally brings you to full waking consciousness; and open your eyes.  Once more write/draw, as you’re moved, all that happened, including whatever insights occur. 

What do you now know about the meaning of the word Love”?  I invite you to give love away equally (everything only exists in a real state of balance) to your own power to understand and receive it, as your greatest gift to your own betterment and the only real translation of what you truly can “give away” – because you own love now through your greater and deeper understanding of what it truly is – to a desperately needy, unloved, broken world as your offering of healing and power.

In great blessings and through all loving connections – enjoy Thanks-giving . . . Namaste, Marjorie