What Is The Real Self-Healing And Empowerment Opportunity of Thanksgiving?
Experience The Power of Your Own Awakened Consciousness and Multidimensional Alignment With the 2012 Transformation This Winter Solstice in Rochester, NY

What About 2012 and Your Power to Transform Through This New Energy?

Lincoln Movie Is a Healing Challenge For Our Time

So much has been written about 2012 as heralding a great shift in consciousness, being the end of an age, and bringing a new global alignment to support individual and planetary transformation.  How do we best cope in these intense, unusual times with their correspondingly great challenges in order to survive, create new choices and continue to further develop?

I don’t think its an accident that Spielberg's movie Lincoln is now out to major critical acclaim; and that’s its such an inspirational story of transformation through a time of great sacrifice.  I encourage you to see this movie; and experience the amazing and wonderful ways this touches and greatly reveals the infinite potential of the unleashed human spirit, our national core of woundedness and how to really transcend, and the individual’s endless capacity to heal and develop.

Join Me At My Upcoming Teleconference Eve Nov 28

I am pleased to offer a teleconference through the spirit of Thanksgiving to deeply explore our current challenges to transform in this new, peaking time – and consider what emerging opportunities then become available to greatly share the results, when creative evolution is desperately needed and called for.  I hope you can join me at 9 pm EST Wednesday evening, November 28 in guided meditation and key journaling exercises coupled with sharing discussions to support your great shift and challenge for wellbeing and offering in the world.

Here are the call-in details:

*Call 218-237-3840 at 8 pm EST

*You will be prompted to enter the passcode: 149593#

Feel free to pass this notice on to whoever you’re wanting to additionally invite to experience this new energy of transformation and awakened consciousness – all for the greater good.  Love your comments and questions . . .   

In love and light, Marjorie