Experience The Power of Your Own Awakened Consciousness and Multidimensional Alignment With the 2012 Transformation This Winter Solstice in Rochester, NY
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The Best Windows to Your Real Self

This Season and Its Real Challenge for You

Once again we enter this holiday season in this unique and challenging year of 2012.  My work and life, as their own expressions of this season and our critical times, continues with great intensity and focus on healing and developing to support the greater good.

What about joy, freedom, peace and being?  These are the real peaking challenges of our time, as they continue to be the blasted messages for both spiritual and most manipulative reasons.

How to Experience Your Revealed and Great Spirit 

Your real self stands in an infinite space of joy, freedom, peace and being, knowing that is who, what and where we truly are – and so it longs to clear away all else that compromises this.  It always, then, seeks to heal and develop as the only ways to return to wholeness.

On that note, I offer you some questions to meditate on and journal about to be able to recover who and what you are:

Four Key Questions to Answer

1.  When was the last time you felt joy?

2.  How much and well do you feel yourself in a state of peace?

3.  How able are you to be fully present in any/all the moments of your life?

4.  How free do you feel in your life right now?

Four Key Gifts Only You Can Choose and Recover

Take time to consider and respond, fully expressing whatever feelings come up as you continue to focus.  When you’ve finished, complete the following sentences:

1.  If I was full of joy, I would ______________________

2.  If I was in a complete, permanent state of peace, my life would be ____________________________________

3.  If I could be fully present every moment, I would be_________________________________________

4.  If I were completely free in my life I would ___________________________________________

Dare to Expect and Choose Greatness

To honor this season of giving to support the greater good – which includes you! – choose one item from one of your above answers, and give it to yourself in whatever spirit in this time will give you this result.  And be sure to expect great, transformative surprises – always a part of healing and development!

The best way to open space inside yourself and your life to receive is to experience in all the ways that you can peace, joy, being fully present, and free.  We cannot give without equally receiving; and vice versa – balance always is the key to how the universe really operates in a state of endless flow.   

The Best Gifts Expand Being

May this season bring you these gifts in expanding, creative, and unique ways to honor and support who and what you really are – In love and light, Marjorie