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How to Really Heal Fear

Why We Run From It

It’s ridiculously simple, and we run from it, as the saying goes, like the plague:  Admit it!  And why not?

That answer isn’t so simple.  It actually involves what I call our inner tangles.

Know Your “Tangles” to Heal Your Fear

We all have them.  We are running around here in our earthly lives “blind as a bat” with the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bruises to show for it.

Think of the above-described “bruises” as “tangles”.  Tangles, however, are transformed elements that translate out into attempts to cover up fear.

A Daring Exercise in Self-Healing for You to Try

And so we become conditioned – and we live in a world whose belief systems go to great lengths to globally condition us – to deny what we most fear – or at the very least, to “twist” it.

Do you dare to try this little exercise to “cut to the quick” then?  Settling into a deeper reflective, meditative state offers the full and real protection of your unleashed and infinite spirit, which equally infinitely cocoons us into exploring our core fears in a truly safe way that guarantees through its time of unfoldment, resolution.

You Can Access Your Key Source of Protection

Do settle back, then, and take ten, full, deep, easy breaths.  Allow your essence, light rhythm to become your infinite cocoon of clarity, protection, and upliftment.

Then simply imagine asking your endless breath, spirit, one source connection to show you one or more core fears.  Further imagine you saying with simple, clear honesty, “I am afraid of . . . “, and then experience what happens.

How Willing Are You to Surrender to Your Spirit?

Ask your spirit to take you on its journey of unfoldment and resolution, affirming you’re willing to surrender(always a pivotal word!) to your spirit’s process.  Simply allow your focus to stay with your transforming, expressing spirit to its place of completion.

Now open your eyes when you’re ready, and record and/or draw whatever happened.  Then once more settle back and read to yourself what you and your spirit have offered; and record any further insights which occur.

The Only Way to Stay Present

Consider what has just happened as a profound path of self-healing and compassion as your gift – and blessing – to  yourself as we move toward this time of Thanksgiving.  It’s the only present you can give yourself to be able to stay present.

When we stay present, we exist in the greater flow of divine power and potential.  Then we are free to continue our core directive – to create!

In love and light, Marjorie