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Your Hands Really Can Help You De-Stress and Heal

We All Really Have Helping Hands

Hands-on healing is such a most instinctive and natural holistic practice for us!  We respectfully and lovingly touch those we most care about, perhaps not knowing that every time we reach out in these ways, we profoundly transmit what is translated through all great spiritual traditions as “universal life force energy” for healing and centering. 

My first introduction to hands-on healing came in the early nineties when I had the good fortune (speaking of name links!) to learn therapeutic touch from a powerful nurse healer who wonderfully became my good friend, Martha Fortune.  Therapeutic touch has been a designated part of nursing practice since the late sixties when Dolores Krieger and Dora Kunz presented it in NYC.

Hands-On Healing is a Spiritual Practice

I extended my energy healing practice in the late nineties when I was invited to study Reiki, and continued my studies to become certified as a Level III Reiki Master in 2000.  Reiki  translates from the Japanese as “radiant universal life force energy”; and is a hands-on healing practice that existed in Tibet over 5,000 years ago.

I have been channeling all my life, which to me is an intuitive and energetic practice to engage and express authentic spiritual connection.  In 1996 I began teaching my own Channeling for Self-Healing and Development courses, and created special hands-on healing techniques through channeling.

We Really Can Transmit Healing Energy from a Detached, Unconditionally Loving Center

I synthesized those techniques in 2008 when I created and offered Compassionate Touch Therapy  to geriatric nursing staff in my area that was sponsored by a federal grant, over six months.  I realized back in the nineties that all hands-on healing comes from the same fundamental course of transmitting energetically from a detached, unconditionally caring spiritual center.

Hands-on healing is simple.  It is done in a deeper relaxed, meditative state through opening the palms of the hands and imagining (remember Einstein said, The imagination is everything!) that you can transmit universal life force energy.

Try This Simple Hands-On Healing Exercise

Want to try it for yourself?  Here’s how:

1. Close your eyes and settle back into a comfortable, relaxed, supported, open position.

2. Take five deep, easy breaths, imagining how easily your endless, even breath opens you to receive and release, let be and let go for greater ease, centering and balance.

3. Place your hands about four feet apart from each other in front of you, palms facing each other.  Then begin slowly, rhythmically moving your hands closer and closer together, fingertips never quite touching; then further and further apart to your first position, as if you were playing an accordion.

4. Observe your sensations as you imagine the energy flowing and building between your hands, affirming that your hands are channeling universal life force energy.

5. Now place one hand over your heart and the other over the center of your stomach, imagining how your hands are transmitting universal life force energy everywhere throughout your heart, everywhere throughout your stomach.  Continue to observe your sensations as you transmit energy through your hands.

Experience Greater Completion

When you feel complete in this experience for now, easily and naturally return to full waking consciousness and open your eyes.  How do you feel?

You’ve just done hands-on healing on yourself, experimenting with my ongoing channeling practices that I call Compassionate Touch Therapy.  Try this as  a five-minute self-healing and de-stressing technique twice a day over this next month, and see what happens! 

Namaste, Marjorie