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How You Can Still Stay Centered in This Chaotic, Complicated World–Three Keys to Experiencing Wellbeing and Success

The Best Challenge of Our Troubling Times

We live in intense, troubled times, where we are increasingly challenged and pushed to risk creating solutions with no prior “road map” to draw on for both individual and community wellbeing and success.  Personally, I think this is a very good challenge as it both inspires and forces us to think “way outside the box”; and determine what the real goal is minus accompanying “agendas” – as well as determine our real capability and willingness to commit to carrying it forth.

The universe does not support half-hearted or mixed effort, nor does it support what I call “striking deals” with attached conditions to deciding and backing up that willing decision unconditionally.  On that note, here are the three keys to stay centered as the core key, in turn, to experiencing wellbeing and success through the radiating, evolving, self-healing balance that always follows:

Three Keys for Wellbeing and Success

1.  Open

2.  Clear

3.  Shift

Here are my directions to explore and create each step:

1.  Breathe – When we fully and unconditionally breath, we shift out of “fight/flight/freeze” stress response and restore core balance from our sacred inner space of “center”.

2.  Clear – The “inner and outer noise” evaporates, and we detach, allowing our inner observer to surface and intuitively, spiritually and creatively communicate to us – our best source of higher guidance

3.  Shift – We both receive and release from a higher focus and space of being more greatly present, which is the only space to heighten awareness, access freedom to choose, and build/experience personal power.

Always, the Real Challenge to Trust

I ask you to trust yourself and your own innate capacity to create newly and expansively, to be better able to support and sustain yourself and those you love as we move into this pivotal fall season.  Know that all you so lovingly offer and honestly experience yourself is all you can really offer in the world – and what the world most greatly needs now.

Let me know how your courageous experimenting goes – we really are “all in this together” . . .

in love and light . . . and infinite presence and support . . . Marjorie