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How to Deal with Stress in Fifteen Minutes or Less – Free Teleconference September 10 from 8-9 pm EST

Is Too Much is Going On That is Too Risky for You?

How stressed out are you these days?  So much is going on, so many challenges, so much we need to respond to and take care of in our lives.

I recently returned from a family/personal/work vacation the latter half of August, speaking of focusing on several big areas altogether!  Actually I was able to take “one at a time”, and  wanted to do it all – both of which I saw as the two critical factors for having a wonderful, productive and relaxing time.

How Much Can You Adapt Without Losing Yourself?

Even so, I was very keen on making sure to “take my time”, accomplish in a way that worked for me, “chill”, and enjoy!  In addition to working, I spent a lot of time hiking in the Great Smoky  Mountains, networking, being with friends and family that I love – and exploring alone just what I was interested in.

We can’t always “have it our way”, though, in our daily lives, so filled with obligations, meeting others’ needs, and multiple responsibilities in an increasingly fast-paced, changing, unstable and complicated world.

Join Me Sept 10 from 8-9 pm EST to Learn to “Find and Hold Your Own Sacred Center” No Matter What Happens in Your World

Successful transitioning is the key.  To that end I’ve now developed a unique combination of simple, successful relaxation, visioning and writing wellness and empowerment tools to de-stress in fifteen minutes or less. 

I’m so excited to share all this with you this coming Monday evening, September 10 from 8-9 pm EST.  Here are the call-in details:

*Call 218-237-3840 at 8 pm EST

*You will be prompted to enter the passcode: 149593#

You’ll be able to share your questions and know how to extend and practice these key tools to help yourself and transform your life!  Look so forward to once again supporting you –

Love and light, Marjorie