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How to Repair and Restore Love

Know the Truth About Denial

I am greatly concerned about our ability to fully experience and freely share in the nature of love in our twisting and breaking times.  So much is written about the breakdown of systems – is the real global challenge most keenly experienced by us all fundamentally about the breakdown of love?

This is the great challenge of our world, is it not?  We live in a world of love and loss, which has stayed stuck as a world that swings in and out of denial.

Love Always Is

In spiritual terms, love is a given.  It exists in an endless present, and ironically, when our lives are truly threatened and we experience the loss of what we love the most, we can come to most greatly understand that.

My life continues to insist on presenting this truth in my face again and again, once more blazing forth in  this light-filled, intense, peaking summer.  Once again I am struck by the searing pain of recognition, the open gaping wound of loss and all the stages of grief that come with it .

What Happens When Love is Broken

My body trembles and cracks open.  My feelings rush to the surface, and I fall into my own surprising pit.

Time and space disappear, and I and my working life grind to a halt.  Other goals and dreams, tasks and connections, fall away.

The Breaking Point of Love is the Breaking Challenge to Heal

Are we really here to repair love?  Is all that plagues us to the point of loss of function and dis-ease really a soul challenge to have to find the core cracks that lead down to the infinite hole where all that sustains and supports life, creation, healing and development can’t enter?

This is what I have to offer you through my own breaking challenge to support whatever your current challenges may be for healing and development.  This is all we can really share and bring to our world as we come to know how to repair love:

Explore These Three Transformational Centers to  Repair and Restore Love

1.  Honor and support – which means to fully and directly express without limit – your feelings.

2.  Look for the truth of what is happening in your heart and your gut, and be willing to travel through the unfolding layers of your emotional pain and fear to the deepest levels of awareness you can access to uncover it.

3.  Understand that where love isn’t, the real challenge for transformational healing and greater wholeness is . . .

.  .  .  For love seeks always to repair itself, to extend, uplift, clarify, restore  .  . .  and when we repair ourselves and our lives, so do we greatly participate in repairing the world.

Namaste, Marjorie