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A Journaling and Guided Meditation Workbook to Heal Yourself and Create Your Dreams

The Coaching Guide to Be Your Own Best Self

The Centering Tools Journaling and Guided Meditation Workbook to Heal Yourself, Empower Your life, and Create Your Best Future is an amazing little coaching book. It takes you on a profoundly transformational inner journey to achieve body, mind and spirit healing, empowerment and evolution. 

Following the guidelines helps unleash, in many wonderful ways, your own inner power to develop and creatively inspire yourself to achieve your dreams.  It offers six chapters, each with key journaling exercises and unique guided meditation exercises, for:

*Freedom from Stress

*Releasing the Past

*Connecting with Your Higher Self

*Clearing Blockages

*Accepting and Loving Yourself

*Creating Your Own Future 

You Can Find True Wisdom and Compassion 

Through this workbook you can empower yourself and your life NOW through accessing your greater self and higher potential.  You will release past and present stressors and find that you can create the realities you desire as if by magic.

Most importantly, you will come to know and accept yourself.  I wrote this workbook to be able to uniquely and extensively  partner with you; and guide you to become more greatly empowered and free to actualize your dreams.

Six Guided Meditation Exercises for Centering and Development

At the end of each chapter is an original guided meditation exercise I’ve especially created for self-healing and spiritual development.  Each meditation is a powerful stress-releaser as well as energy-booster, and will dramatically increase your insight into yourself. 

You will evolve your understanding of yourself and your experiences so as to make better choices in your life, as well as forgive and release the past to open to better possibilities in the future.  The workbook is designed to be a permanent resource to help you release stress,  develop and recreate yourself, and live a life of balance, wellbeing and creative power.

Reviewer’s Testimonial

“One of the reasons this reviewer absolutely loves this book is the author’s writing style which reflects the loving space she comes from. Another are the exercises that follow each and every chapter that personalize this brilliant self-help paradigm to your individuality and success… Centering Tools for Self-Healing and Development is required reading for everyone looking for a better future.”

-Richard Fuller, Senior Editor, Metaphysical Reviews

A Wonderful Base for Including One-One Sessions

Feel free to email or call 585-244-6210 to tell me how you’re doing, as well as let me know any questions you may have.  I am happy to schedule sessions with you within the scope of my Centering Tools practice to further explore how you can best achieve your heart’s desires and successfully meet life challenges to maximize what the workbook  can do to help you achieve your greatest good.

Additionally, you can sign up on the home page of to receive the Centering Tools for Self-Healing and Development email newsletter, with many how-to articles, special journaling exercises, and written and audio guided meditations to further support your goals.  This is a unique and creative odyssey to discover your own best self. 

Love and light, Marjorie