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Recording from the July 9th Teleconference: The Three Fundamental Keys to Free Yourself and Become More Happily Present

How Can I Care For You If I Can't Care for Me? Top Ten Tips To Transform

The Truth About Traditional – and Continued - Feminine Sacrifice

I had coffee at a local, popular café this morning with two wonderful women – one a friend who in turn, as these things commonly go, introduced me to her friend.  Although the plan was to “talk business” – and we did – as three likeminded – as we so quickly discovered – women, we easily and in great depth also shared our current challenges, highlights of our key life stories – and “the usual” central concern so commonly expressed when women share meaningfully with each other – caretaking.

Interesting word, care-taking.  When I break it up into its two core words I always think of how this traditional role so long given to women so terribly, extensively and ultimately, abusively “takes” their inner center of caring . . . for and about themselves – which to me is the only way we truly can radiate out to be of service and create, share of ourselves and our gifts in the world.

The Real Source of Recovery

I also believe the central recovery piece here is actually acceptance.  We still live in a culture where women in so many sneaky and fundamentally abusive ways are told how unacceptable we are – regarding age, appearance, relationships – the list goes on and on.

Here, then, as my additional July 4 Independence Day offering, are my top ten tips to accept yourself and lay a new foundation to care for – and about – who and what you are.  Once this occurs your true vision will open up from your revealed authentic self, and you will become consciously aware of your chosen path in your own new world.

Top Ten Tips to Transform Yourself and Freely Be

1.   Settle back for a few uninterrupted minutes, eyes closed, and feel yourself easily drawn into a deeper meditative state as you count ten full, deep breaths to yourself.

2.   For these next several breaths, as you inhale say to yourself the word be, and as you exhale say to yourself the word free

3.   Experience for the next minute or more, whatever seems to happen inside you until you come to a place that feels like a place of completion.

4.   Then say to yourself – out loud if you want – I love you.

5.   What happens now?  Allow whatever feelings occur to simply, fully express themselves to you, and when you feel complete within this experience, slowly and easily return to full, waking consciousness and open your eyes.

6.   This week schedule as top priority one hour or more to be alone doing what is pleasurable, soothing and relaxing to you and do it no matter what happens.

7.   In a deeper meditative state consider your sense of something you honestly feel you haven’t forgiven yourself for, and journal about your feelings and thoughts for at least fifteen minutes as openly and honestly as you can.

8.   Then write: I accept who and what I am; and what I’ve done; and I ask my greater self for compassion and forgiveness to reveal,  however they come, greater clarity.

9.   See if you can experience at least one hour without judging yourself or anyone else; and afterward record your thoughts and feelings.

10.  Ask for light to surround and fill every part of you, and say to yourself, I accept it all – my light, my world, my choices, my endless power to create in my open world of many dimensions without beginning, without end – the circle of endlessly flowing rhythms – all one – caring for and with me, extending everywhere without condition. 

Yet to Come . . .

In the spirit of rebirthing and accepting the healing power of your own divine independence, I wish you happy July fourth – and love and light, always, Marjorie