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How to Check In From the Energy of the World . . .

How is your life going these days?  As intensely as mine and pretty much all my clients?

So much is happening so quickly and in such breakthrough ways.  There is a lot of possibility for greater, higher resolution, especially to longstanding problems, and new accompanying challenges. 

. . . With Current Life Challenges

I greatly apologize for my blog absence pretty much since early May.  There have been a number of family health crises very much requiring higher, more creative choice-making which have revealed a whole new participation on the part of the universe as well as all the “participants” that continues to amaze me.

All for the moment is realistically, quite miraculously settled in better, clearer and more open ways.  Our family trip that pretty quickly followed got pretty much rave reviews from all . . . and life goes on . . . 

My Best Self-Healing/Development Resource Now

I have been drawn in the face of these and earlier crises this year, nearly forty years after I first read Jane Roberts’ classic Seth book, The Nature of Personal Reality, to pour through this groundbreaking book once again – and then experience it – on a whole new multidimensional level.  I want to offer its central “punch line” to you, which has been the basis of all the self-healing and manifesting books that have been written since:

THE PRESENT IS THE POINT OF POWER (p. 344, The Nature of Personal Reality – Roberts)

Return to Greater Wholeness, and Free Yourself

I have, through my ongoing channeling, experienced a whole new way to enter the “space of no-thing – the endless present”.  I have found it to be an infinite space of wholeness and physical, mental, emotional, spiritual belonging of equally endless possibility and freedom to choose . . . to simply be.

All else simply falls away in this place of detachment and presence.  Here we can change through our unleashed divine will, understanding all else is delusion.

Therefore, we allow, freely create, and heighten awareness from a place of greater, developing understanding.  Here are my recommendations for you to try:

Three Paths to Transformation and Higher Power

1.  Click on my previous blog entry below of June 10 and listen to the free downloadable audio: Access Your Own Inner Light to Transcend Life’s Challenges

2.  For the next 45 days, take a few minutes without interruption to say, while in a deeper meditative state: 

I am fully, freely present and able to choose through the clear, open direction of my higher will in my real point of power

3.  Note your sense of intuitive guidance – and take action accordingly – see what happens!

Always love to hear about your courageous adventures and happy to help as you wish – Love and light, Marjorie