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June 2012

Teleconference Call July 9, 2012 from 9-10pm(EST): The Three Fundamental Keys to Free Yourself and Become More Happily Present

When we are present we are free . . . to better choose, access more personal power, and be more aware. We can greatly and permanently succeed in detaching from dysfunction, entrapment and limitation. As my special Independence Day gift to you, I invite you to join me at the upcoming Centering Tools for Self-Healing and Development teleconference on Monday, July 9 from 9-10pm EST. Read more →

Celebrate Your Independence - Here's the Best Way to Set Yourself Free

THE PRESENT IS THE POINT OF POWER . . . Return to Greater Wholeness, and Free Yourself I have, through my ongoing channeling, experienced a whole new way to enter the “space of no-thing – the endless present”. I have found it to be an infinite space of wholeness and physical, mental, emotional, spiritual belonging of equally endless possibility and freedom to choose . . . to simply be. All else simply falls away in this place of detachment and presence. Here we can change through our unleashed divine will, understanding all else is delusion. Therefore, we allow, freely create, and heighten awareness from a place of greater, developing understanding. Here are my recommendations for you to try . . . Read more →

Free Downloadable Audio: Access Your Own Inner Light to Transcend Life Challenges

Click on the link above to download this ten minute guided meditation audio I recorded last month as my free gift to you to honor and support your ongoing personal growth in these pivotal times: Access Your Own Inner Light to Transcend Life Challenges Read more →