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The Top Ten Tips For Win-Win Solutions

All Choices Are Either Win-Win or Lose-Lose

People fundamentally come to see me seeking win-win solutions.  I think all true solutions must be win-win – if not, they immediately and completely default to lose-lose.

I have come through the years of my practice to realize those are the only real choices and outcomes that occur.  Here, then, are my top ten tips to Win-Win, which always best work for you and whoever else you’re dealing with:

Ten Ways to Win-Win

1.  Be able to detach fully from your desired outcome.

2.  Acknowledge the full depth and breath of your feelings without condition or agenda.

3.  Decide from your deepest sense of being consciously aware of your integrity.

4.  Make the choice will allow you to fully look yourself in the mirror the next day.

5.  Dive as “deep as you can” into the core of your being to consider your sense of what really feels right to you, whether or not it makes you feel good or is convenient for you, or not – and carry out that choice.

6.  Consider, with maximum focus, your sense of potential and/or experienced loss – and fully feel all the accompanying sensations in your body, as well as whatever feelings emerge, without agenda or dictate.

7.  Reflect on what feels like the most compassionate choice you can make to yourself – and do it.

8.  Carry out the choice that feels like it produces, long-term, the greatest sense of freedom for you.

9.  Fully, directly answer the following questions as you consider the situation/challenge:  Who, What, Where, When, Why and How is this going on – and allow those answers to naturally and progressively shape your choice.

10. Look deep within and acknowledge your sense of your deepest fear – and consider and feel all that happens within you as you imagine choosing what you believe will produce that result.

True Experiments Bring the Best Results

See where these “ten commandments” take you!  And keep me posted . . . Love and light, Marjorie