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Stay on Your Track!

When You Lose Your “Track” You Lose Yourself

In the recent survey so many of you completed through subscribing to the Centering Tools newsletter, you talked a lot about your struggles with “staying on track” – how the “little (and not so little!) things throw you off.  When that happens, we lose our “center”, which rapidly becomes losing our sense of self.

It is so easy to do these days!  Sometimes we lose so much we forget what our “track” is, which makes us much more vulnerable to being “captured” and switched to someone or something else’s “track”.

Ten Tips to Stay On Your Track

How often do you hear the phrase “staying on track”?  This is how I’ve come to define the real directive and meaning of “your track”:

1.  Your “track” is what you love and are easily, centrally passionate about.

2.  It is what you have an intuitive understanding about.

3.  It is what gives you energy – and sustains it.

4.  It is where you internally “settle in”.

5.  It feels like your central partner in life, as a quality.

6.  You have a sense you’re “meant” to do it; and in that context it “feels right”.

7.  “Magic” happens when you’re on your “track” – even miracles – there is a sense of life flowing, and you with it.

8.  Without it you feel some essential part of you is lost

9.   You always grow through it – and expand, as does your life.

10. It produces transformation – you become a different, better person and inspire others to do the same.

Recover Your Worth & Your True Power to Choose

Your “track” is the “track” of healing and success.  It is the track of greater wholeness and becoming.

Balance, satisfaction and joy come through staying on your track.  So ask yourself, is anything worth allowing yourself to be thrown off?

Can Yours and Others’ True “Tracks” Synchronize?

Of course, life seems to have its own multidimensional “track” that always best synchronizes with our own core destiny.  What we might call the universe, though, does, through its core, always support our “track” as it is defined above.

So the real focus is to “track” and confirm the “win-win” experiences – and share in all the “spoils” for your own and others’ best outcomes!  I offer you that challenge in creative thinking as your best “track” to discovery and resolution – Namaste, Marjorie