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Can You Really Give Up Control?

Here’s The Real Truth

I think if we could centrally break the delusion that so pervasively exists in our world about control, we could truly become, and exist, in an enlightened world.  I continue to work intensively with clients around debunking this goofy and tragic myth that sends people on all kind of tail-chasing, destructive and addictive journeys.

To cut to the chase:  there is no control.  It doesn’t exist.

Explore Your Sacred Trinity of Development

What does exist, as I continue to extensively repeat and explore as a new universe of self-healing and development in my work, is the following sacred trinity, as I call it:

*personal power

*freedom to choose

*heightened awareness

How to Access Infinite Self-Healing

I tell clients if they feel caught in a struggle over control, to try to substitute all of these phrases instead, and see what opens up for them by way of insight, higher direction, and self-healing.  On that note I invite you to do the following:

Settle back into a deeply relaxed, open state by allowing your breath to deepen and your body to release tension and settle back comfortably into a comfortable, supported position.  Close your eyes and more and more greatly allow yourself to become part of your easy, free, open breaths – this essence, light rhythm that flows and goes all around and through you now.

The Central Way to Transcend Needing to Control

In this flowing state, consider your sense of personal power, freedom to choose, and heightened awareness.  Does it seem in this moment anything interferes with these states?

What about a sense of control?  Does it matter?  Does it exist?  If it does, it truly interferes with the above expanded states of being, synchronizing with your own authentic spirit and well creating in the world you live in.

Three Key Points of Focus to Produce “Win-Win”

Can you consider all choices not as producing less or more control, but instead as supporting more personal power, freedom to choose, and heightened awareness?  Three key points of focus combine completely as the necessary elements to transform, let go and let be, and allow greater wholeness – our “primary directive” as spiritual beings of multidimensional consciousness adventuring here on the earth place.

We are here to support our greater good without excluding anyone, anything, and especially ourselves.  This vision and mission always produces “win-win” solutions that can only reveal themselves through staying present courageously and with compassion as the ongoing “observer-active participant” throughout a whole unfolding journey of becoming.

I honor your great effort and hope as your keys to healing and empowerment – Marjorie