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How To Rise Above What Gets You Down In Life

Do You Know The Currents Of Your Own Life?

Life has its currents – they peak in their own unique waves . . .  disappear through their own determined expressions . . . and we ride them.  Do you have a sense about the currents of your life – what rises, what falls, and how these rhythms go?

We do experience life in all kinds of cycles.  I sometimes recommend to clients that they create a timeline of events within certain key themes, like love, loss, moves, work, health; to be able to see patterns and corresponding meaning for greater guidance with current corresponding challenges.

Can You Find What Is Truly Good In Your Life?”

We always live our life in paradoxes and in multiple dimensions.  Frequently when life gets us down through its tough, tragic “peaks” we lose sight, for many understandable reasons, of other, opposite dimensions that are there to sustain and support us, often in surprising ways.

Here are my top three tips to uncover and use those critical dimensions as a boost from the universe to rise above what gets you down in life:

Prove to Yourself That You’re Not Alone

Know who really cares about you, and go to them without hesitation.  Tell them how you feel and what’s getting you down in ways they can understand; and open to receive all their love and caring in whatever way they can express and offer it to you. 

Note: this includes children and animals.  Many times this will wonderfully expand your loving relationships and invite whoever you’re sharing with to tell you their corresponding stories of great challenge and survival – which may give you just what you need to find your own way to where your real resolution exists!

Find A Way(s) to “Get Away From It All”

The fastest, most effective way to do this is through some form of meditation – working with your breath to carry you into alternate consciousness, which is the vibrational frequency, in holistic terms, that moves you to rise above what gets you down.  Brief frequent and regular meditative experiences show you these opposite dimensions of being and open the door to your intuition and creative problem-solving abilities. 

Here you can naturally  build your inner strength to better deal with your challenges.  Getting out in nature re-grounds and uplifts you, and brings subtle and powerful support, showing you there is lasting beauty, harmony and peace in your world. 

Write Down Your Deepest Thoughts, Feelings – Especially Fears – and Your Sense of What’s Going On As Your “Inner Observer” Who Answers the Following Questions:  Who, What, Where, When, Why and How?

Taking both of these central journaling focuses helps you compassionately face and sort out, as well as fully express, what is going on for you and how you’re responding.  This naturally and profoundly moves you to transcend into becoming your higher self, who can create the best solution for you and achieve your greater good – always rightly synchronizing with the universe’s power to change what is wrong to what is more right for you than you ever imagined.  

Give this “one-two-three punch” to your peaking wave, and see how you find yourself amazingly and successfully riding – and riding above it!  In this peaking and profoundly surprising year, accept the challenge to stretch beyond what you know and how you see yourself . . . and look for the birth of new horizons . . .