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Find and Form Your Own Light as Your Foundation for Healing and Freedom in 2012 Retreat Weekend June 8-10

It’s Easy (and not so!) to Be Free

Ten Ways to Set Yourself Free

1.   Tell the truth

2.  Acknowledge how you feel

3.  Have no expectation

4.   Be courageous

5.   Accept yourself from knowing who and what you really are

6.   Love without condition

7.   Understand in every moment you choose

8.   Find your personal power

9.   Find your spiritual power

10. Own your own life

Four Transformational Recommendations

Pick a problem, concern, or fear to focus on.  Write it down without any additional commentary included (for example, what you think it means, what you think should be done, etc.)

Then focus on each of the above ten directives through first meditating for at least several minutes on each one, followed by journaling your impressions.

Pick one of the above ten directives to primarily focus on for a week as an experiment to try, to see what effect it has on your particular concern.  See what happens.

Continue for the next nine weeks to focus on one additional directive each week for this same concern as a similar experiment.  Record what cumulatively happens.    

In the tenth week, consider your sense of how free you feel.  Record your insights and your whole view of this experiment throughout these ten weeks.

What has happened to you?  To your life?  To your sense of wellbeing?

I always love to hear . . . Love and light, Marjorie