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March 2012

How To Rise Above What Gets You Down In Life

We always live our life in paradoxes and in multiple dimensions. Frequently when life gets us down through its tough, tragic “peaks” we lose sight, for many understandable reasons, of other, opposite dimensions that are there to sustain and support us, often in surprising ways. Read more →

My Free Audio Gift to You

I want to gift you with a special ten minute guided meditation and self-hypnosis audio I’ve created that you can download here to Manifest Your Intuition 2012. I encourage you, after you listen, to journal about your experience. Take whatever insights come forth seriously as your best guidance to form a “win-win” game plan for successful healing and transformation this year. Read more →

The Real Value of Helplessness

Helplessness Doesn’t Care How You Feel or Think How okay is it for you to admit feeling helpless? In my practice clients seem to struggle most with that challenge, which “fits” with the epidemic dysfunction of longstanding duration in our... Read more →

Find and Form Your Own Light as Your Foundation for Healing and Freedom in 2012 Retreat Weekend June 8-10

Join Me for a Magical, Spiritual, Self-healing Weekend Retreat at the Historic and Unique Maxwell Creek Inn Overlooking Lake Ontario in Sodus, NY, to Relax, Reset and Recharge Yourself . . . Take the plunge . . . to nourish yourself and "crack the code" to restore balance, and experience bod-mind-spirit healing and real resolution at a whole new level in your life. Read more →

Book a Phone Session

The focus of my work is on empowerment and all that it offers to support better coping, fundamental healing, transformation and a better life. Coaching offers key recommendations without getting in the way of each person’s capacity to experience and choose their own life journey, and has profound therapeutic value. We are not alone, and can bring a great deal of impact to each other. Read more →