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How To Let Someone In To Your Heart

Where We Love Is Where Our Heart Opens

The biggest challenge clients bring to me is the challenge to trust and feel emotionally safe.  In this upcoming celebration Feb 14 of “Heart’s Day”, who has not had the experience, now or in the past, of whether or not to open your heart to let someone – even if you haven’t even met them yet -  into your heart?

Valentine’s Day is not only a celebration of romance, but a central celebration of love.  This weekend I also bought cards for my three grandchildren, my daughters, my son-in-law, and my father to share in that spirit.  (Speaking of successful marketing, I couldn’t resist buying a card “from my cat” to my youngest daughter, a love relationship with him that means the world to her – and me!)

A Brief Meditative And Journaling Exercise to Trust And Feel Safe “From The Bottom of Your Heart”: 

Close your eyes and settle back into a comfortable, relaxed position.  Take several deep, even breaths. 

As you continue to breathe in, say to yourself the phrase “I receive love”. As you breathe out, say to yourself the phrase “I release love”.

Now imagine you are your own best observer.  What do you seem to observe as you “tune in” to your heart?

Does your heart feel open or closed?  Continue breathing deeply and easily, imagining somehow your breath now opens your heart to its greatest extent.

Then repeat the two phrases, “I receive love” and “I release love” as you inhale and exhale respectively.  How do you feel?

When you feel complete with this inner journey, open your eyes and take a few minutes to record what happened, particularly noting your feelings throughout.  The key to having a healthy relationship is to open your heart and trust, ongoing.

Trust the Power of Your Own Open Heart

Love is unconditional.  It exists in a foundation of conscious acceptance and understanding, in a place of letting be and letting go.

Most importantly, this Valentine’s Day look to open your heart unconditionally and with conscious love to more greatly understand and accept yourself.  These are the keys to trust from your core.

Beyond that, listen to your heart regarding how to explore, initiate and maintain loving and healthy relationships with others.  May all your loving journeys reveal and sustain the infinite force of your own true spirit for wellbeing and fulfillment.