How Much Power Do You Really Have?
Stop Having to Get Permission to Act

How to Break the Bonds of Love

The Real Truth About Love

Love, it has been said, is a great mystery filled with surprises.  Today is the holiday that celebrates love.

How do you feel about love?  What have you learned about love in your life?

Do You Know How to Accept Love?

Have you ever felt at the same time in opposite places when loving – scared and shy, bold and tremendously forthcoming?  Have you ever felt trapped by love and longed to break free?

Here are the ten paradoxical truths, each with their “pair of opposites” that I want to share with you to break the bonds of love in order to more greatly love, speaking of paradoxes!  I thank countless clients for discovering and sharing these, as they’ve benefitted so greatly in their transformational journeys, through our work in the 25 years of Centering Tools, about the real nature of love:

Ten Ways to Transform Through Real Loving

1.  Love does not change reality – it profoundly changes those who love.

2.  There are no guarantees in love – what can become unshakeable is love’s power.

3.  Love can’t be dictated – it challenges deeply what really matters to us and we take stands we would never have guessed we were capable of taking.

4.  Love brings forth what otherwise wouldn’t be there – it preserves and protects our essence.

5.  We feel safer when we truly experience love – we take risks that we wouldn’t feel capable of taking.

6.  Love does not tolerate excuses – it is unconditional.

7.  Love knows no bounds – whatever violates destroys love.

8.  Love builds slowly – it comes as a sudden great surprise.

9.  We can’t love what we can’t love within ourselves – love moves us beyond ourselves to wholly sacrifice.

10.  Love is deeply quiet – love blasts forth through overwhelming passion.

Love brings it own healing transformative power through its own divine direction.  As we correspondingly experience its great touch, so do we come to flower, to radiate.