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How Does Healing Really Work?

We Remain Centrally Confused About How Healing Occurs

We are confused in our shifting world about how healing really works.  I work with clients ongoing through all the years of my Centering Tools practice on exploring, facilitating, and experiencing healing.

We continue to question how healing occurs.  Here is my understanding that I want to share and offer for your consideration and practice within the scope of my experience, and in response to the outpouring of sharing from Centering Tools newsletter subscribers in response to the recent survey asking about current concerns for healing:

Ten Healing Portals to Explore and Experience

1.   Healing is a mystery.

2.   Healing occurs through multiple related dimensions.

3.   Healing occurs as a higher restorative and greater balance that better sustains the whole being.

4.   Healing is fundamentally transformative.

5.   Healing involves a core shift at an energetic level.

6.   Healing is synchronistic and responsive to both inner and outer environmental shifts.

7.   All  healing is self-healing and profoundly impacts relationships throughout one’s world.

8.   We are “wired” to heal – what doesn’t heal sets up a pattern of ongoing and compounded resistance that correspondingly affects life and function.

9.   Healing occurs in unconditionally free space.

10. Healing is an unfolding process.

I invite you to reflect, meditate, consider and journal about any/all of these above ten “portals to healing responses”, and see where you go and where you come to.  Please keep me posted . . .  All the best . . . in love and light . . . Marjorie