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How Does Healing Really Work?

How Can You Navigate Your Way Through Major Transformation?

A Check-in for Your Year

2012 has been described as the year of planetary change.  How is your year going so far?

In Rochester, NY we have no winter – at least, not the winters we’ve been used to since weather was recorded.  It has snowed a handful of times, and it all “goes away” pretty much of tis own accord within a corresponding handful of days.

Navigate Change Successfully

Times are different, systems are crumbling and/or under siege, and grassroots initiatives continue along with more and more flamboyant power initiatives through currently dominant and entrenched forces.  This seems to be the most common theme presented by clients this year, through many different circumstances and individual challenges: How can I successfully navigate through these times of major transformation?

Here are some keys in my current work I’ve uncovered:

A Trinity of Tips for Top Transformation

1.  Create and Nurture Inner and Outer Space – We can’t navigate without room, we can’t greatly think without everything “settling” and freely arising the clear, empty, reflective observer within.  Nature truly is nurture here, both in experiencing the restorative beauty outside; and through the profound and elegant innate rhythms of your breath, your being, allowed to open and flow.  As this occurs, you create healthy distance from external and internal challenges and reestablish core boundaries and your sacred inner center of power and choice.

2.  Identify and suspend core faulty conditioned belief systems – Dare to live your life in your time – our time – of major transformation without judgment, conclusion, advanced dictate.  These are all worthless and keenly inappropriate when fundamental change is occurring through all connected dimensions.  We need more than anything in these times to be as fully present as possible to be able to best respond and choose, allowing what is taking shape to do so without former threads of attachment that aren’t fundamentally part of it.

3.  Determine what you really can trust within your own innate spiritual understanding and sense of being – This is an ongoing process that is centrally intuitive, through which the inner observer can freely analyze who, what, where, when, why and how by simply noting what is real.  Inner trust is the key to personal transformation.  It fuels insight, profound creativity, courage, and rebuilds personal power to sustain the Self throughout transformation.

The Truth About What Does (And Doesn’t) Change

We come through these times greatly changed . . . and yet (here’s the usual paradox!) . . . with a core sense that at long last, who we’ve really been and dreamed about being all along can at last surface and fully be in a new world.

Namaste (I honor the divine in You), Marjorie