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February 2012

How Does Healing Really Work?

We are confused in our shifting world about how healing really works. I work with clients ongoing through all the years of my Centering Tools practice on exploring, facilitating, and experiencing healing. Read more →

How Can You Navigate Your Way Through Major Transformation?

Times are different, systems are crumbling and/or under siege, and grassroots initiatives continue along with more and more flamboyant power initiatives through currently dominant and entrenched forces. This seems to be the most common theme presented by clients this year, through many different circumstances and individual challenges: How can I successfully navigate through these times of major transformation? Read more →

Stop Having to Get Permission to Act

When we stop seeking permission to not only do, but at even deeper levels, be, we become more greatly caring not only to ourselves but each other. We inspire others to grow up and trust in their capacity to be truly responsible by accepting the power to choose freely with the understanding that this extends to an unconditional willingness to accept consequences. Read more →

How to Break the Bonds of Love

Here are the ten paradoxical truths, each with their “pair of opposites” that I want to share with you to break the bonds of love in order to more greatly love, speaking of paradoxes! I thank countless clients for discovering and sharing these, as they’ve benefitted so greatly in their transformational journeys, through our work in the 25 years of Centering Tools, about the real nature of love: Read more →

How Much Power Do You Really Have?

The Only Way We Can Truly Heal and Become This central question is really the key to self-healing, creating, awareness, the freedom to choose well, and relationship. It is the central reported struggle, whether it is described in this way... Read more →

How To Let Someone In To Your Heart

The biggest challenge clients bring to me is the challenge to trust and feel emotionally safe. In this upcoming celebration Feb 14 of “Heart’s Day”, who has not had the experience, now or in the past, of whether or not to open your heart to let someone – even if you haven’t even met them yet - into your heart? Read more →