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The Key to Visioning All that You Want

 The Beginning of Creating Your Dreams . . .

. . . is creating inner space to allow your heartfelt passion and willingness to both let go and commit to what you truly want to literally take shape before your eyes, through engaging your imagination to create.  We imagine all the time, but successful visioning can only occur in a free and what I call faith-ridden inner space.

We truly can’t be in two spaces at once, ever.  So if you decide you want something, and want it very badly, if you feel somewhere inside you you’ll never get it, the hopelessness “unclears” your power to envision.

Understand and Fully Engage Your Power to Let Go

Letting go includes not only being able to let go of your fear and conditioned beliefs of self-limitation, but letting go of expectation, agenda, or dictate as to how you’ll get what you want.  Letting go in all these ways creates spiritual space to let in your higher self with its greater understanding, its integrative ethics and its infinite caring.

In order to successfully envision we need to know how to be our own best facilitators and guides to fully create and beautifully shape our vision.  Last but not least we need to trust and commit to being more greatly aware and willing to engage our full capability to take action to engage in partnering with our experience, viewing our experience as its own Eden that continues to well unfold to share all that we need to receive.

An Exercise to Unleash Your Power to Envision

Settle back into a comfortable, supported, aligned position with your eyes closed.  Have writing materials with you.

Take ten easy, even, deep, free breaths. Notice how easily you become more and more aware of your body more and more greatly relaxing, your mind clearing and opening, your innate rhythm merging with the infinite, balanced rhythm of your breath.

Imagine you’re floating in an endless bubble that is your infinite, unleashed breath, effortlessly holding you in the very center, higher and higher.  The whole of your life falls far, far beneath you, and you feel yourself opening more and more, becoming so light and free.

Your heart and mind clear and open, and you begin to ask yourself what you most greatly want in your life.  Allow this to begin to take shape before you in great, fine detail.

See it, feel it, hear it, taste it, smell it.  Let the full vision draw you through its great magnetism fully into it so that you be – come it. 

How to Complete Visioning

When you feel complete in this experience, let it go, understanding it will begin to manifest in physical reality within all “partnering possibilities” as described above.  Then very easily and gently, within the infinite rhythms of your breath, imagine yourself in your bubble floating down and down to gradually return to physical reality, trusting in your capacity to “meet” your manifested vision, and open your eyes.

Record your experience in the present tense.  When you’ve finished, write, I release all conflict, fear, self-imposed limitation from my vision and myself, and commit to doing whatever it takes in a place of openness and awareness to create and receive my vision.

The Greatest Key to Staying Afloat

Thank your higher self, your free vision, and your reality as your great trinity of creation and sharing in unconditional love and understanding through this experience.  Read what you’ve written every day for forty-five days, continue to take action accordingly and watch what happens!

And most importantly, clear your mind space and stay open!