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Find Your Path of Least Resistance for Real Healing and Success

The Only Way to Launch Our Dreams

In the eighties I was invited by a friend to study a very popular course on manifesting your dreams by Robert Fritz based on his book, The Path of Least Resistance.  It was a key piece for me that, without question, helped successfully launch my Centering Tools practice, and affirmed a lot of what intuitively I had been using for years to well create in all kinds of ways in my life.

We fundamentally exist as uniquely charged patterns of flowing, ever-changing energy, magnetized by whatever we’re attracted to.  I believe we’re most strongly attracted at a soul level to our dreams.

Our Core “Makes” or “Breaks Us”

How to connect with our dreams, like everything else that is able to connect in the universe, occurs through wherever available “openings” exist, which is the path of least resistance.  What we believe at our core defines where we are open – and where we are not open.

Sadly, we can desire and desperately hope for reasonable, terribly necessary outcomes but be stopped from experiencing these energetically (which is the matrix in which the spiritual universe can support our goals), by “paths” of resistance.  These always involve belief systems that have no true basis in reality which are always created by us in fear, and through having an incomplete response to loss.

Love and Vision Are the Foundation of Creating

“Open paths” to create our dreams instead are formed from love and vision (desire to create, trust and accept).  These are very different universes of operation.

I invite and challenge you to consider the following foundational beliefs listed below for yourself that Robert Fritz identifies in his book are necessary to create what you want, along the path of least resistance:

Robert Fritz’ Four Fundamental Principles to Manifest Your Dreams

1.  I am the creative force in charge of my life.

2.  I am true to myself.

3.  I am physically and mentally healthy.

4.  I am free to choose.

Break Down Resistance to What You Really Want

If you believe and feel any or all of these above principles are not true, I then further invite and challenge you to identify the source of your resistance coming from foundational faulty believe systems created by you from an understandable place of fear and incomplete responses to loss.  We alone have the power to choose how we think and feel.

We also alone have the power to create our dreams and to choose self-healing, empowerment and development.  The spiritual universe will always fully support this.