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January 2012

Find Your Path of Least Resistance for Real Healing and Success

We fundamentally exist as uniquely charged patterns of flowing, ever-changing energy, magnetized by whatever we’re attracted to. I believe we’re most strongly attracted at a soul level to our dreams. Read more →

Rochester Self-Hypnosis Class Feb 29

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and “floats” with your self-determined, free will. If you’re in the greater Rochester, NY area and free, join me Wednesday evening, February 29 from 6:30-8:30pm in room 158 at Brighton High School, 1150 Winton Road South, Rochester, New York 14618, to learn how to use hypnosis to transform your life. Read more →

“How to Stay Centered in a Chaotic World” Class in Rochester Feb 15

If you’re in the Rochester area and free that evening, you may want to give yourself a post-Valentine gift of love and power through joining me in this class from 7-8:30pm on Wednesday, February 15 in room 158 at Brighton High School, 1150 Winton Road South, Rochester, New York 14618: How to Find and Center Yourself in a Chaotic World. Staying centered is the key to freedom, happiness, empowerment and success In an increasingly unstable and chaotic world, we are even more greatly challenged to find and keep our center. Read more →

Journaling Class in Rochester, NY Feb 8

Heal and transform yourself and your life through exploring simple, key writing exercises I continue to offer my clients as powerful centering tools on Wed eve, Feb 8 in Rochester, NY. Read more →

Rochester Reiki and Energy Healing Class Feb 1 from 7-8:30 pm

Use the power of your hands and higher intent for de-stressing and self-healing through learning the basics of Reiki, a hands-on energy healing practice, and therapeutic touch. If you’re in the greater Rochester, New York area and around on Wednesday evening, February 1 from 7:00-8:30 pm, I’ll be offering this popular class through Brighton Recreation at Brighton High School, Room 158, 1150 Winton Road South, Rochester, New York 14618. Read more →

The Key to Visioning All that You Want

The Beginning of Creating Your Dreams . . . is creating inner space to allow your heartfelt passion and willingness to both let go and commit to what you truly want to literally take shape before your eyes, through engaging your imagination to create. We imagine all the time, but successful visioning can only occur in a free and what I call faith-ridden inner space. Read more →