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Ten Surefire Way to Experience Joy in Your Life in the New Year

Wrap Yourself at the End of the Year in A Center of Peace and Freedom

Can We Recover Our Spiritual Selves as Creators of Light to Experience Peace and Freedom?

On the brink of 2012 and all its hype and mystery, we are in a most unique space in this “end time” and celebration of miracles in the face of seeming great darkness, to look back at this year and look into ourselves, even to our core.  Here we can remember who and what we are as beings and transmitters of light, able to generate and become in a sacred space of peace and freedom.

It is so easy, in the face of fear-based conditioning and the significant and critical woes of the world, to sell ourselves and our real potential to transform and uplift ourselves through our own real insight terribly short.  I invite you to sit with a very simple question that ultimately cuts through a lot of soul-stealing detours to your personal power and core, unleashed conscience:  Do we have the wherewithal to find for ourselves central peace and a free space to be?

Experiential Learning is the Key to Transformation

We do have this power and this capacity, and when we access it, we transform and become a transformative force for good in the world.  Understanding and experiencing peace and freedom comes through how we participate and learn from the stories of our lives.

When we can ask key questions without assumption and blame about who and what we are and how we came to be, we strip away faulty beliefs and all that internally forces us to twist ourselves into predetermined victims, leaving only our spirits free to intuit, highly choose, and release attachment.  Key how-to practices to experience peace, personal and spiritual power, self-healing, development and creative freedom to fulfill and express all that we have and wish to share in the world, and most importantly, give and receive love through being more greatly present involve meditative and journaling. 

Do You Have Enough Trust and Faith to Face Yourself and Go After What Truly Fulfills You?

Only we can live our lives and find a way to trust and acknowledge our inalienable right to make our way in the world.  We are meant to unconditionally face ourselves and understand our innate equality with anyone, anything. 

We are meant to discover what essentially pleases and fulfills us, and what our life’s passions are.  We are meant to unconditionally love ourselves and a correspondingly loving world in which we can freely share and just as freely spread our wings and fly through our own processes of enlightenment and power.

Four Key Questions to Explore for Self-Healing and Development at Year’s End

Here are 4 key questions to ask yourself in a deeper reflective (meditative) state and write your impressions about (journal) at year’s end:

1.  When I look back on this year, how do I feel?

2.  What were five key things that I learned about myself this year?

3.  How was I most greatly able to love?

4.  How was I most greatly challenged to love?

A Miraculous Inner Space of Feeling Whole

Then imagine yourself magically whisked away to the most peaceful, free space you could possibly go to, and experience yourself fully drawn into this amazing space.  Here envision yourself in the new year feeling whole without worrying about how this could happen.

You have given yourself a present in the present, which is a pivotal signal to the universe of your complete willingness to freely create your heart’s desires in a space of full and unleashed potential, where you can let it all go as a magnet to begin to manifest in many amazing ways in your life.  We can only create from the matrix in which we can BE, so to be in a space of inviolate peace and freedom keenly shapes corresponding experience.

Honor Yourself and Your Own Unknown Greatness to Bring Peace and Freedom to a Trapped and Compromised World

That is my holiday end-of-year gift to you – and even more importantly, your gift to yourself.  We are best meant to give gifts that demonstrate we are greater than who we think we are – and so we then experience and even more greatly offer.

In love and light, Marjorie