Wrap Yourself at the End of the Year in A Center of Peace and Freedom
Uplift Yourself into Happiness in 2012

Ten Surefire Way to Experience Joy in Your Life in the New Year

How to Take Stock to Find Joy

As this year is days away from its end, are you inclined to take stock of your journey through it?  To consider how satisfied and light your heart is, how at rest you feel?

Such simple considerations, and how challenging they seem to be in our world with its complications, tangles, and burdens!  ‘Tis is the season, we hear, of joy, and how in hell do we get it?

Ten Surefire Ways to Experience Joy in 2012

Here are ten focal points to meditate on, journal about, and most importantly, act on to experience joy in your life in 2012: (and note – if this year is truly about global transformation through a great shift in personal consciousness, joy is at the center of the new direction)

1.   Find your own essence rhythms through your own truly meditative experience, and once there, let go, let be

2.   Forgive yourself and someone who you haven’t been able, in your heart of hearts, to forgive

3.   Identify a cause greater than you and your ongoing concerns that makes your heart sing, and commit to work, ongoing, to support it

4.   Laugh from your belly for at least five uninterrupted minutes every day – “break your little self up”

5.   Once a week spend at least an uninterrupted hour alone in nature at a spot that is greatly inspiring for you

6.   Dance any dance that takes you both outside of yourself and into your body and soul as often as you can

7.   Remember what you loved to do as a child, and do it now – if you can’t literally duplicate it, find a way to create whatever activity produces the joy you felt

8.   Ask yourself if you were completely free for a day, what would you do . . . and DO IT WITHIN THE NEXT MONTH

9.   Make a list of at least 8 qualities you and others say you have . . . then double it by listing 8 qualities you wish you had . . . then spend five full minutes believing you have all those qualities . . . and get yourself to accept the fact that you would not be able to imagine them if you didn’t already possess them . . . and imagine yourself feeling pure delight over all of this

10.  Anonymously help someone in need – whatever detective work this requires enhances the joy

. . . And Here Are Ten Results!

Joy . . .

*Erases fear

*Fractures anxiety

*Supports your inner observer

*Fuels creativity

*Enhances development

*Allows you to let go

*Moves you out of a “dead-limbo zone”

*Promotes clarity

*Gives you back your personal power

*Sets you free to BE in the world

My New Year’s Wish for You

We are meant to live lives of joy, to be joy.  I wish you all the joy your heart, mind and spirit can hold, overflowing, in this year of personal and global transformation – a new way in a new world.

En-joy . . . Marjorie