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December 2011

Uplift Yourself into Happiness in 2012

We Always Have the Power to Create What We Want The most self-healing and transcendent inner tool we have is our imagination. Our power to envision attaches us to our higher power, and offers us direct experience to create with... Read more →

Ten Surefire Way to Experience Joy in Your Life in the New Year

How to Take Stock to Find Joy As this year is days away from its end, are you inclined to take stock of your journey through it? To consider how satisfied and light your heart is, how at rest you... Read more →

Wrap Yourself at the End of the Year in A Center of Peace and Freedom

We are meant to discover what essentially pleases and fulfills us, and what our life’s passions are. We are meant to unconditionally love ourselves and a correspondingly loving world in which we can freely share and just as freely spread our wings and fly through our own processes of enlightenment and power. Read more →

De-Stress This Holiday Season Free Talk 7:30pm, Wellness Consults, Book Signing Sat Dec 17 in Rochester, 9-11am, 7-9pm

Centering for Wellness (www.centeringforwellness.org), a not-for-profit organization I founded in 2009 which offers self-help, empowerment and wellness transformation programs in the greater Rochester, NY community to at-risk populations, is sponsoring a free talk I’m offering this Saturday, December 17 at 7:30pm: Finding and Keeping Your Inner Center to De-Stress and Empower This Holiday Season. Read more →