Keys to Accessing the Transformative and Healing Power in Seeing Ourselves as Others See Us
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A Thanksgiving Revolution Through the Unleashed Divine Feminine Spirit

Can We Ever Spiritually and Practically Transcend Beyond Our History of Core Beliefs of Limit and Separation?

In one of the monthly women’s groups I facilitate, I was moved for the workshop part to invite everyone to consider the meaning of Thanksgiving as a true expression of the divine feminine spirit, unleashed, to herald a new revolution in consciousness.  It is time, I both fear and hope, to finally bust up the core societal beliefs that have dominated the earth for countless millennium that tells us we must live our lives conditionally with pre-imposed limitation, that endlessly births its corresponding tragic and horrific conclusion that there is not enough; and we are all condemned to truly and violently “hang” as both have’s and have not’s.

This evening I once again, after a long hiatus, watched Ken Burns’ PBS special, Thomas Jefferson.  I was once again reminded of how this key Founding Father was a cornucopia of irreconcilable opposites: the author of the Declaration of Independence who was lauded throughout his long life for “everyone’s” (exempting, of course, slaves and women) right to be viewed and treated equally, died bankrupt largely still holding his hundreds of slaves, experienced crushing and multiple personal tragedies; and a long, amazing career as statesman, scientist, man of letters, architect, and key figure of the Enlightenment.

How to Resurrect the Divine Feminine for Evolution to Win-win Recovery and Success

We are all, perhaps, each in our particular representative way, such conflicting  and nonsensical paradoxes.  Our upcoming national holiday, Thanksgiving, is no exception, hiding in its myth the real truth about our ongoing historical policy of national genocide toward our country’s original Native American population through the story of the Pilgrims sharing and celebrating a year surviving in their New Land by actually sharing a meal of thanksgiving with the tribe that made sure they stayed alive, whom they repaid by pretty much destroying them within a few short years.

Sharing, unconditional acceptance and respectful acknowledgment of the equally divine spirit in everyone, as well as affirming and expressing gratitude for abundance and the transcendent power of the receptive are all ancient key qualities of the divine feminine.  I wonder what it would take for an inner revolution to return us beyond our truly devastating old-world view that we have to stay separate from the greater divine circle and therefore our own true spirit, and through that believed separation, ceaselessly operate within the lie that there is not enough to go around and we must therefore fight each other, eat each other alive if necessary; to grovel at the feet of our own created devil of greed and sanctioned violence and become a “have” at the expense of insisting we dominate and deny others, condemning them to all that comes along in our world as being a “have not”.

Becoming Your Own Greater Whole Creates a Global Revolution in Consciousness and Healing

We have brought our world to the brink of extinction through this truly crazy and infantile dictate. and twisted our understanding of power to continue to lock ourselves in endless struggles over dominance.  When will it be time to sit down with whoever we were told we must infinitely oppose to a shared “meal” of food, love, strength, creativity, spiritual power and resources of all types to support and honor the greater good, and once more elevate ourselves to being the divine – “God-Us” (Goddess)?

I invite you to go into your deeper meditative space and consider, through asking your own authentic spirit to show you all the inner presenting parts of yourself – how you can name, accept, receive, extend and honor them all as expressions of your own authentic sacred being – coming together in peace and transcendent acknowledgment of all that you really are, where you really came from, and how your really hope to be.

Only then can we raise our own awareness, understand and accept responsibility for our own infinite spiritual power, and rise to come together to create a world beyond endlessly opposing opposites within a circle of sharing.  In the spirit of true thanksgiving, then, I wish you the clarity, courage and opening center to journey and participate in all corresponding and limitless abundance and sharing, with infinite gratitude and blessing – Namaste, Marjorie