Change Your Story, Change Your Life
Keys to Accessing the Transformative and Healing Power in Seeing Ourselves as Others See Us

The Most Important Thing We Need to Transform . . .

. . . Is Space . . .

After days of rain and somewhat unseasonable chill, Sunday, the day before Halloween, dawned with radiant sunshine, no wind, and crisp but softly kissed, it seemed to me, with shining warmth.  I had time on my hands, as the saying goes, for a change – a great change, as I was to discover – and so I “set myself sail” in a quick five minutes to walk the Erie canal path from my door, most happily alone.

I was hit in the first few minutes as if by a lightning bolt with one of the simplest, clearest realizations of my life, which filled me with such ease, peace, clarity and happiness that I continued broadly smiling for the entire hour and a half I spent hiking.  Here it is:  all we and our indestructible spirits really need is space – enough breathing room – in our lives.

For All These Essence Reasons . . .

How interesting – how scary for real (not the fake fear we distract ourselves with, speaking of how we “celebrate” Halloween today, which barely touches on the ancient meaning of this holy day, when it was called Samhain, as the start of the new year and the understood and practiced energetic bridge to flow back and forth between the physical and spiritual realms) – it is that we live in a world when it seems not only the loss of prosperity but time itself steals our divine right to create and experience adequate space for ourselves . . .

*Space to breathe

*Space to create

*Space to heal

*Space to explore

*Space to be free

*Space to truly love

*Space to release

*Space to be at ease

*Space to be at peace

*Space to be fully present . . .

Sacred Needs Space to Exist and Offer Itself to You

Magic exists in space.  The sacred emerges in space . . . as I continue to call myself “a trekkie from way back”; protecting and nurturing our innate space really is the final frontier, and the matrix in which we truly can spread our wings and fly – expand, develop and support the development of our greater selves, greater outcomes, and greater offerings in our world. 

Take your space.  Cling to it for dear life – yours and all of ours – and be your best sacred witness in all our transformation, speaking of shapeshifting.

In great love, and honoring our right to our sacred lives, Marjorie