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The Most Important Thing We Need to Transform . . .

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Can You Access the Power to Change and Create Your Soul Story?

What an amazing paradox we humans are!  What literally and in all other ways keeps us alive is our own indestructible soul/spirit, and we are always changing, shifting, becoming.

Native American tradition teaches that our story defines how we heal, develop, and more greatly become; and that we always have the power to change our story.  Through the intense and core work I do with clients I have come to view our power to envision as our power to become centrally connected with our “real story” and understand how it drives us in our lives – and to use that power as we Will to change that story to most directly improve our lives.

As We Heal and Develop, So Do Our Stories Change

The key way I have found to correspondingly transform is through first uncovering the core focus of our central story.  Then we are able to decide how to best change that focus to shift The Story.

It is important in this self-healing process to understand that as we heal and develop our central “stories”, as the thematic and dynamic descriptions we always return to about the course of our lives, correspondingly changes.  Realizing this fundamental truth allows us to easily transcend the constricting and delusional boundary our ego sets in its drive to shape our Story as its justification to perpetually “fight or flight” to insure what it thinks we need to survive.

Envision and Record Your Most Authentic Story

The best and most transformational question you can ask yourself to reshape your story, and be able to become your greater, more authentic self is through the following meditative and journaling exercise:

Settle back into a comfortable, supported, aligned position which relaxes your body and allows your deepening breath to naturally extend and regulate itself.

Review Your Major Crises to Discover Your Real Story

As this occurs allow your focus to casually review, within your flowing imagination, your entire life, asking to be shown five key crises you’ve experienced.

Then open your eyes and describe in one or two sentences as simply as possible each crisis.

Record Your Authentic Intuitive “Read” to Accelerate and Ignite Multidimensional Healing

Review what you have written, and with each description consider and record whatever feels like the most authentic intuitive response that occurs from the following question:

What did I learn from this?

The Real Shift to Higher Awareness and Personal Power

Read each “lesson”, considering what are the emerging themes – or there actually even be just one recurrent theme.  Describe it . . . and then use that as the foundation to then continue to describe what becomes your authentic transformational story to best support your greatest power for healing and development, peace and freedom.

In the unfolding radiance of the coming greater light, trust in your greater spiritual power to create corresponding new beginnings – Love always, Marjorie