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Accepting the Unacceptable

The Challenge Now to Transform to Survive

It is easy to accept what makes sense to us and seems to better support us fairly comfortably living our lives.  It is difficult if not impossible to accept what doesn’t make sense to us and makes our life worse or even seems to threaten our survival.

We are greatly challenged in these unstable and critical times to fundamentally and miraculously transform to become our higher, greater selves.  Accepting the unacceptable is a key foundation to open the door to transformational wellness.

Access Your Spiritual Power to Accept

In a recent seminar I presented I asked participants to consider the word Accept, the final stage of grief.  When I reflected, in a deeper meditative state, on each letter in ACCEPT, intuiting one word for each letter, I came up with the following:


C – Complete





Then I put the words together in the above order, forming the following sentence:  Affirm and complete caring that extends peace and truth.

A 45 Day Experiment in Profound Healing

I asked the participants to consider how this sentence can be a spiritual guide to accept the unacceptable, and be led to where the real resolution is in completing grief.  I invite you to do the same by entering your own reflective, deeper meditative inner space and then say the sentence to yourself, experiencing whatever happens inside you by way of response.

Now consider the many ways you can choose and commit today, and every day going forward, as a 45 day experiment, to affirm and complete caring that extends peace and truth in your life.  Keep a record of what you do and what happens.

How to Transcend Struggle and Freely Create

When we accept the unacceptable we transcend struggle to become greater and higher in the space of our lives – and heal.  We understand the source of our power and free ourselves from irresolvable conflict.

When we set ourselves free we can become present to create fluidly and powerfully in our lives.  Trust is recovered, and we a-c-c-e-p-t and honor our divine right to become.