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October 2011

The Most Important Thing We Need to Transform . . .

Magic exists in space. The sacred emerges in space . . . as I continue to call myself “a trekkie from way back”; protecting and nurturing our innate space really is the final frontier, and the matrix in which we truly can spread our wings and fly . . . Read more →

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Through the intense and core work I do with clients I have come to view our power to envision as our power to become centrally connected with our “real story” and understand how it drives us in our lives – and to use that power as we Will to change that story to most directly improve our lives. Read more →

All Centering Tools Products Available at Special Holiday Discounts Online OR Directly Purchase At My Meet and Greet at the Rochester, NY Twelve Corners Brighton Starbucks From Noon-Two PM On Saturday, November 12

My Special Holiday Gifts To You, With Deep Thanks I'd love for you to join me then for Starbucks' always-special holiday goodies and my special 20% discount on all Centering Tools products and session gift certificates for your friends and... Read more →

Do You Really Know What Your Core Conflict Is?

As we can face and support all dimensions and places of ourselves, so are we meant to accept and affirm all our greater good for truly “win-win”as the only real re-solutions. Read more →

What Do You Do With “50/50”?

. . . see if you move more from dis-ease to ease, anxiety to comfort, helplessness to centrally-placed personal power. We don’t really ever have more than our true selves and our true vision to be able to greatly participate in the amazing flow of our own lives. Read more →