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Ten Tips to Stay Afloat in Times of Great Change

We Always Have the Power to Create and Sustain

This is a precipitous week nationally.  As a nation we're about to hear (by tomorrow, presumably) whether we'll be saved beyond the eleventh hour as I write this from economic default, which has not happened in our history.

We truly live in times of great change - economic, social, technological.  We have the power and capacityto both create and respond to change, and to extend our potential. 

Adults are Never Victims

What gets in the way of staying afloat in times of great change?  The riskiest and most deadly attitude we can take is to determine ourselves as victims.

I continue to talk to clients (and myself, when stressed!) about my core understanding that adults are never victims, and that there are no win-lose resolutions, only win-win.  From that foundation, here are my ten tips in the face of terrible uncertainty, complicated and key challenges to wellbeing and choice, and threatened core system breakdowns, to stay afloat:

Top TenTips to Lightly and Fully Stay Afloat

1.  Eat and drink well to sustain and support your body - remember stress dehydrates and compromises digestion.

2.  Move at least an hour a day - remember the world is greatly changing, and as we're in it and of it we need to be moving as well - staying still truly "goes against the greater flow".

3.  Unless very bad weather prevents you from doing this (and then, make it up as soon as possible), spend at least an hour a day outside - sun, whether apparent or not, is truly our life's blood, and profoundly fuels and grounds us.

4.   Get on average 7-8 hours restful sleep per day - the fundamental "get away from it all".

5.  Meditate - any way possible - for at least five-ten minutes per day to clear and energetically balance yourself as you connect with your unique sense of the infinite.

6.  Ask yourself how you're feeling several times a day, making sure you answer the question with a "feeling" word, noticing whatever physical sensations you have as well; then saying to yourself, "I accept".

7.  Unconditionally love yourself as a whole human being with the divine free right and responsibility to care for yourself emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually; and consider and commit to doing whatever it takes to sustain this, ongoing.

8.  Know that you are equal in all ways to every other human being, especially regarding personal power.

9.  Accept that you will never know what tomorrow brings.

10. Look every day to let go, let be . . . and in that infinitely open space, listen to your sense of your "still, small voice", or intuition/spirit, and act accordingly.

Know You Deserve and Can Well Receive

Live long, and, as Spock would say, prosper from a sense that you wholly deserve, and can create and receive in any and all ways in your unfolding life.

Blessings to you and your great, open selves, Marjorie