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How Free Are You to Pursue Your Dreams?

Can You Give Up Perfection???

Are You Up to the Supreme Sacrifice?

Maybe it really is the supreme sacrifice.  Nothing really is, in analytical terms, perfect – nothing goes “perfectly”.

Life isn’t perfect. Death isn’t perfect. 

Nobody’s Perfect

Love isn’t perfect.  Work isn’t perfect. 

Health isn’t perfect.  We aren’t perfect.

Can You Face – Even Live with the Truth?

There really is no “complete”.  Can we really, truly live with all that?

In addictions therapy we deny all this at our peril – set ourselves up for own own horribly creative sabotage.  The great maturational challenge of our time is to understand the difference between accepting the world as it is in all its imperfection, and not linking or making that realization an excuse to run away from accepting and functioning responsibly.

A Way to Fundamentally Reflect to Accept Yourself and Others

What do you think would happen if you could come to a fundamental place of simply accepting that nothing about you, anyone else, or the world you live in, as well as your past, present or future is ever nor ever will be perfect?

I invite you to settle back and allow yourself and your body to ever more greatly let be . . . let go . . . surrendering to the freer, deeper, vastly unfolding power of your infinite breath . . . and simply consider the above question, letting it speak to you however it will.  When you feel complete in this experience for now, gently and easily return to full waking consciousness and open your eyes.

A New and Transcendent Definition of Responsibility to Be More Greatly and Freely Present

Take a few moments to record your reflections.  Where do they lead you?

Now once more settle back, close your eyes and allow your opening breath to draw you into deeper inner reflective space.  Say this phrase, I am fully, completely responsible to be present in my life.

Consider The Blueprint You Have Created to Develop and Move Forward

Experience what happens.  Again, when you feel complete in this reflection, very easily allow your breath to return you to full waking consciousness, and open your eyes.

Record your experience, and then take a few moments and read through all that you’ve written in describing both these meditative reflections.

Explore Your Higher Power to Create

What are you now moved to create in your life?  How are you inspired to be – to become?

You have just unleashed your core power to create and choose in your life from a fundamental reality base.  Take that “bull” (an ancient symbol of the divine feminine consciousness, paradoxically enough) by it symbolic “horns” and see where you charge.