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May 2011

How to Release Greater Compassion in Your Life In Order to Be More Greatly, Fully Present

When We Know What Gets in the Way of Being More Compassionate in Our Lives We Open The Door to Healing and Success In my work lately with clients I have heard more and more, within their key processes of... Read more →

How Free Are You to Pursue Your Dreams?

Align Yourself with Your Higher Power’s Faith and Trust in Your Power to Achieve Your Goals Your dreams are really communications from your higher self in faith and trust in your power to create a better and more balanced life... Read more →

Free Wellness Retreat for Women with Cancer to Celebrate National Survivors Day June 5, 2011

Cancer is such a complex, extended, life-threatening disease. My not-for-profit organization established in 2008, Centering for Wellness, Inc., www.centeringforwellness.org, in its holistic vision to offer self-healing and empowerment classes to at-risk populations as an extension of my work in Centering... Read more →