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April 2011

How Can You Best Support Yourself?

What Heals and Develops Us Best Supports Us This is a key upcoming week in Judeo-Christian religion. It begins with the onset of Passover, the celebration of the book of Exodus in the old testament, with the story of transcending... Read more →

Ten Key Ways to Resolve Conflict from Within

Conflict Offers Great Opportunities for Central Healing and Growth Conflict is a fact of life. Spiritually and therapeutically conflict offers great potential to catalyze equally great healing and growth. When we are centered, we are balanced, and when we are... Read more →

Can You Give Up Drama for Something Better?

Perpetuating Drama Is The Nature Of Dysfunction And Hopelessness I hear lots of stories involving big dramas from clients that I see individually, in partnerships, small groups, and large workshops – within organizations and from halfway around the world. We... Read more →

Visionary Ways to Restructure the Past to Reset the Future

It’s interesting to note the number of sci-fi movies that focus on what shaman’s would call shapeshifting ways to alter the past and future. This has long been a recommended metaphysical technique to energetically change how we view and “code”... Read more →

How to Interpret Your Dreams for Healing and Success

The Three Main Dimensions to Successfully Interpret Your Dreams I have been fascinated with dreams. I work a lot in my Centering Tools practice with clients to unlock the power of their dreams for deeper insight, guidance and therapeutic as... Read more →