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March 2011

Upcoming Events April - June - Spring 2011

Saturday April 9, 11:00 am-1 pm Meet and Greet and author-signing with co-authors Diane Drechsler, Berdjouhi Esmerian, Barbara LaMark and Norma Rappl for: According to Us: Four Older Women Tell Their Stories with How to Write Your Own Memoirs and... Read more →

The Only Thing Happiness Depends On

Happiness Depends on “No-Thing” I grew up in the fifties when everyone was given a whole dictated laundry list of what happiness depended on that included earning a certain amount of guaranteed money, having a certain kind of job “for... Read more →

One of the biggest challenges we face as humans is an inability to wade through difficult times. We let stress and anxiety pull us down. I know the feeling all to well. For years of my own life I allowed... Read more →

The Most Powerful Way to Renew Yourself

The Particular Global Challenge This Week to Celebrate the Earth’s – and Human's – Renewal Spring is literally around the corner. After the horrific global week that is mercifully ending so terribly with no resolution in sight, it feels like... Read more →

The Alternative to Fruitless Fixing to Meet Your Real Needs

All codependency and recovery treatments warn against the fruitless perils incurred when we try to “fix” anyone else, or even especially ourselves, as a way to demand solutions to problems. The Hindu religion says that we incur the worst kind... Read more →

How to Utilize the Power of Prayer as the Soul's Energetic Transmission for Miracles

Prayer Strengthens and Supports Miraculous Survival The older I get, the more I believe in it. To me prayer is a verbal and heartfelt transmission to one’s personal understanding of the divine. When I heard about the horrific earthquake and... Read more →

How to Transform What is Holding You Down Into What Keeps You Going Forward

Know Your Real Source of Abundance and Security The magical word to achieve this switch is very old – its called alchemy. When we come to understand what is really holding us down and back we are fundamentally challenged to... Read more →