Meditate in Minutes
Balance and Healing is a Breath Away

The Simple Key to Transformation

You Can Profoundly Support Self-Healing Through Journaling

Take pen to paper, and start writing.  Writing your thoughts, feelings, hopes, fears, dreams, life record – any and all of the above – has been said to be the single act we can take to transform our lives.

Research shows that journaling promotes healing on all levels.  People suffering from chronic and life-threatening disease improve and better sustain themselves when they journal.

Strengthen and Evolve Yourself through Journaling

Journaling improves insight and self-esteem, opens the door to intuition, releases stress and “lifts you up” – in energetic terms, to a higher vibrational frequency – a place of empowerment and a place where you become more evolved.

Journaling allows you to become both the observer and, at a core level, to be ruthlessly, completely honest about what is going on for you; and see that you survive the “risk”.  Start this year with a lift at your core to transform yourself through creating your own heart-expressed record of who and what you are, to access higher vision and more greatly become.

Be Released, Centered and Enlightened

I work a great deal with therapeutic writing and spiritual journaling in my practice.  I always encourage clients to write – fortunately, a little daily writing goes a long way for self-healing and empowerment! 

I have seen clients slowly and permanently improve themselves and come to understand the divine in themselves, and how the spiritual universe works to always support them.  I have been journaling my entire life, and it has come to the point that I absolutely know that when I settle down and “free flow”, expressing myself in the moment, key insights rapidly emerge and I feel released, centered and enlightened.

Ten Tips for Successful Journaling

Here are my key guidelines for journaling:

1.  As an opening experiment, commit to journaling every day for 45 days, the time research says is required to break implement new habits.

2.  Use a notebook/journal that is convenient and easy for you to use. 

3.  Date your entries.

4.  Write for a minimum of ten minutes or as long as you like.  

5.  Don’t look for a conclusion or “answer” in your writings, which sets the stage for greatest insight and call to action to emerge through the unfolding process of your journaling.

6.  Share honestly with yourself “on all fronts”.

7.   As you write, answer the questions who, what, where, when, why and how to support your inner observer to fully emerge – this will profoundly open your intuition and understanding.

8.   As part of your journaling, at times record whatever you remember of your dreams.

9.   As part of your journaling, at times write in full description solely about your best dreams for yourself and your life.

10.  Always include how you feel, using feeling words, not thoughts – and refrain from conclusions as you express your feelings. 

Recommended Reading     

I always recommend The Artist’s Way by Julie Cameron, which recommends writing three “morning pages” every day for self-healing and transformation.  It offers wonderful guidelines and clear explanations about the power of journaling through a step-by-step creative process.

In 1995 I wrote a guide to empower yourself and create your dreams through journaling and guided meditation called The Centering Journaling and Guided Meditation Workbook to Heal Yourself, Empower Your Life, and Create Your Best Future, which you can order through my web site.  It is filled with specific writing exercises throughout six chapters, each of which has an extended guided meditation exercise, titled:

*Free Yourself from Stress

*Release the Past

*Connect With Your Higher Self

*Clear Blockages

*Accept and Love Yourself

*Create Your Own Future

On a Final Note

Let me know how you’re doing, and how I can support this compassionate and caring practice to be your own best self and live a free and fulfilled life.  You’re deserve it, and the benefits of this profoundly responsible, courageous and simple practice of inner reflective focus will extend its greater good throughout all others you touch in many wonderful ways!