Own and Create Your Future
The Key to Solving All Life’s Problems

Connect With Your Higher Self

Our Key to Self-Recovery is the World’s Key to Survival

So much is said in so many different contexts about our Higher Self.  In addictions’ recovery programs, being able to access your higher self is the fundamental path to healing and development.  Is this simply our key to self-recovery? 

Throughout all spiritual practices back to the very beginnings of our existence, we are challenged and urged to connect with our better, greater selves in order to become who we really are.  In addition, there are countless examples through myth and legend of humans accomplishing this feat in order to make their worlds better, even save them.

The Critical Step to Heal and Empower Yourself

What do these words, “Higher Self” mean to you?  How about the opposite, “lower self”? 

I feel finding and using your higher self is a critical step to tap into your best potential, transcend stress, and grow stronger to deal with life’s challenges.  From this higher center, you can more freely observe and accurately access opportunities in your life, and use your divine will to actualize them.

How to Find and Receive Guidance From Your Higher Self

I want to share some key excerpts from The Centering Journaling and Guided Meditation Workbook to Heal Yourself, Empower Your Life and Create Your Best Future from the chapter, “Connecting With Your Higher Self”:        

“When I think about the higher self, I think about the wise old woman or man that exists in each of us.  I think about the loving parent.  I think about our personal visions of God.  I think about that commonsensical self that speaks to us in what has been called a still small voice; not only in times of crisis, but also during trips to the supermarket, of doing the “right thi9ng”.  I also think about where each individual’s source of creative inspiration lies.  I think about times when we seem to be set off in quite a mysterious way to rise up out of ourselves, as a being ofr great courage, wisdom, knowledge, and strength.  We don’t know where any of these qualities come from, but they are there just the same.”

A Key Writing Exercise to Allow Your Higher Self to Release What is Lacking in Your Life

Here is a key writing exercise to connect with your higher self and understand the real power that holds:

Exercise VII

Think of your higher self as a cherished friend and mentor.  Do you have a space inside your consciousness for her?  If your mind constant6ly “chatters” with things to do, places to go, and worries, the space is probably used up.  If your mind is complexly connected to many external relationships in the physical world, includ8ing job, people, future and present oriented tasks, and recurrent unfinished business from the past, there is little room for the higher self to enter.  If there is no regular (daily) reflective time in your life, it is difficult for the higher self to enter.

The higher self connects to you through a pathway of unconditional love and acceptance.  And so you must reciprocate this trust, this belief.  At times of ciris our heart cries out for help from our5 higher self, and it answers the call.  The higher self cannot enter through a state of fear.  although fear can mocbilize body systems to signal pain, the higher self cannot enter thorugh this conditione3d response.  Or through judgment.  Or through demanding guarantees.

Life style powerfully affects the creation of a desirable field for the higher self to enter.  Any significant addictive patterns makes this almost impossible, until a crisis occurs.  A common example is, “hitting rock bottom” with alcoholism.  Over and over again, I have heard those who suffer from the terrible disease of alcoholism describe most painfully their downward slide of loss through this disease until, in a state of deep darkness and despair, they “hit bottom” only to find a light (of awareness and recognition of what is really happening for them) waiting for them

Moderate healthy lifestyle habits create a field in which the higher self can thrive.  There are choices like regular aerobic exercise, healthy eating, and a balanced lifestyle in which there is ample joy, personal security, inner peace, and open time on a daily basis to just be.

As I write this, a part of me laughs, for a typical American’s lifestyle is not strongly supportive of these habits.  However, we have the right to set these requirements as cornerstones of well-being for ourselves, even to insist on them.  We need love in our life, Self-love, and loving relationships with others.  We need creative fulfillment and opportunities to grow3 and stretch as evolving individuals.  We need beautiful, harmonious, peaceful living environments.  We need to know that we can provide for our basic living needs, and beyond that, to create comfort for ourselves.  These are inalienable rights.  The higher self starves without these supports, these anchors.

So, identify if there are any areas lacking which translate out to imbalances in your life.” 

Your Link to Greater Balance

Use your higher self to help you get rid of what is holding you down and preventing you from becoming your own spiritual creator.  This is the door to all that you can more greatly become and offer to the world.

Namaste (translation: “The divine in Me salutes the divine in You”),