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The Key to Releasing the Past

Be Your Own Valentine

How Does the Meaning of February Holidays Bring Us to Our Own Self-Healing and Transformation?

Valentine’s Day has rolled around again.  I find it most enlightening to note which months holidays fall, particularly in view of ancient history; and see how the timing and the combined meaning can offer us greater opportunities for self-healing and development.

In February we celebrate our two most significant President’s birthdays, George Washington’s and Abraham Lincoln’s; and we also celebrate Groundhog’s Day, in addition to tomorrow’s holiday.  Considering the meaning of each in the order in which they actually occur, we begin on February 2 with searching for the groundhog’s shadow to determine when spring will arrive; then on February 1, honor the man who led our country to a new union and emancipation of slavery; and then express on February 14 our heartfelt love to whoever is nearest and dearest to us; finally ending on February 22 to celebrate the man who won us our national freedom and became our first national leader. 

This Is the Way to Create Your Own Inner Sacred Union

In ancient days when we worshipped a Goddess, what is now Groundhog’s Day was called Imbolc, or the time of Handfasting, when couples who decided to marry celebrated their sacred union.  The central part of the union involved the high priestess loosely binding a silken cord around each person’s arm.  If the time then came when they decided to separate, there would be another sacred ceremony of Unhandfasting, when the cord would be bound as before, and then would be unbound; and the union was thus formerly ended.

I wonder how we could celebrate for us, our unfolding souls, and our developing consciousness a Valentine’s Day that would combine all of these holidays.  To stick with the order in which they occur, we begin with finding the length and breadth of our shadows, answering the call to explore them without fear as the way to determine rebirth. 

Then we commit to rebirth our own complete inner union, determining what parts of us are enslaved; and willingly enter the struggle to free them all.  Next we bind these parts together in a sacred marriage of unconditional love and divine will. 

Trust in Your Power to Learn to Lovingly Lead Yourself 

Finally, we accept the challenge to be our own leader, successfully winning our self-determined revolution to support, in caring and through acknowledging what is right, our own – and our world’s – greater good.

I invite you to become your own valentine through taking yourself through these transformational steps.  Create your own sacred ceremony of magic and acknowledgment, and be grateful for who and what you are, willing to commit to raise yourself higher to become your own greatest vision.