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February 2011

The Real Power of Aggression for Healing and Transformation

Find the Ancient Spiritual Roots of Aggression to Separate Out Violation From Being More Able to Accomplish the Greater Good Aggression is a most misunderstood word and practiced behavior. It is associated with violation and other acting-out responses. However, in... Read more →

How to Let Your Higher Self and Spirit Successfully Deal with Challenging Relationships

Relationships That Don’t Work Produce Destructive Results Much of what moves people to seek my counseling services is feeling stuck and powerless to know how to deal with successfully challenging relationships. Relationships can “get off track” for many reasons, all... Read more →

Mandalas, Medicine Wheels and Meditation–An Empowerment Retreat to Create Your Own Sacred Circles for Healing, Protection and Power

***We exist in a great sacred circle, and in order to recover, empower and develop ourselves, we need to become our own light centers. ***In this transformational workshop you will understand, experience and create your own sacred mandalas and medicine... Read more →